Monday, November 2, 2009

2iC Australia P/L
49 North Resource Fund Inc.
A.C.A. Howe International Limited
Abacus Mining & Exploration Corp.
Abitibi Geophysics Inc.
Acadian Mining Corporation
Accurassay Laboratories
ACME Analytical Laboratories Ltd.
acQuire Technology Solutions Pty Ltd
Activation Laboratories Ltd.
Adanac Molybdenum Corporation
Adex Mining Inc.
Adriana Resources Inc.
Adroit Resources Inc.
Advanced Geosciences Inc.
Aeroquest Limited
Afghanastan, Ministry of Mines
African Queen Mines, Ltd.
Africo Resources Ltd.
AGT Systems
Air Greenland Charter
Aker Solutions
Alamos Gold Inc.
Alaska Office of Economic Development
Alaska Structures
Alberta Geological Survey
Alberta Star Development Corp.
Aldershot Resources Ltd.
Aldridge Minerals Inc.
Alex Stewart (Assayers) Ltd.
Alexandria Minerals Corporation
Alexco Resource Corp.
Alexis Minerals Corporation
Algeria, National Agency of the Mine Patrimony
Alhambra Resources Ltd.
Allied Nevada Gold Corp.
Almaden Minerals Ltd.
Alphamin Resources Corp.
ALS Chemex
Altius Minerals Corporation
Alto Americas SA
Alto Ventures Ltd.
Alturas Minerals Corp.
Amazon Mining Holding PLC
AME Mineral Economics
American Bonanza Gold Corp.
American Creek Resources Ltd.
Amerigo Resources Ltd.
Anachemia Science
Anaconda Mining Inc.
Anatolia Minerals Development Limited
Andean American Mining Corp.
Andina Minerals Inc.
Anglo American Exploration Canada
AngloGold Ashanti Ltd.
Antares Minerals Inc.
Antioquia Gold Inc.
Antwerp Diamond Bank NV
Anvil Mining Limited
AON Reed Stenhouse Inc.
Apella Resources Inc.
Apogee Minerals Ltd.
Apollo Gold Corporation
Apoquindo Minerals Inc.
Aquila Resources Inc.
Aquiline Resources Inc.
Archer, Cathro & Associates (1981) Limited
Arctic Star Diamond Corp.
Argentex Mining Corporation
Armistice Resources Corp.
Arnevut Resources Inc.
Artha Resources Corporation
Asia Now Resources Corp.
Asian Mineral Resources Limited
AssayNet Canada Inc.
Associated Geosciences Ltd.
Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario
ATCO Structures Inc.
Athabasca Potash Inc.
Atlanta Gold Inc.
Atlas Copco Exploration Products
Atna Resources Ltd.
Atomic Minerals Ltd.
AuEx Ventures, Inc.
Augyva Mining Resources Inc.
Aura Silver Resources Inc.
Aurcana Corporation
Aurizon Mines Ltd.
Aurora College
Aurora Energy Resources Inc.
Aurora Telenet (Canada) Inc.
Aurum Exploration Services Ltd.
Auspotash Corporation
Australian Solomons Gold Limited
Avalon Minerals Ltd
Avalon Rare Metals Inc.
Avannaa Resources Limited
Avanti Mining Inc.
Azimut Exploration Inc.
B. McDowell Equipment Limited
BAASS Business Solutions Inc.
Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation
Baker & McKenzie, Chile
Balkan Resources Inc.
Bannerman Resources Limited
Banro Corporation
Barker Minerals Ltd.
Baroid Industrial Drilling Products
Barrick Gold Corporation
Bauer Resources Canada Ltd.
Bayswater Uranium Corporation
BC Ministry of Energy, Mines & Petroleum
BCGold Corp.
Bear Creek Mining Corporation
Beartooth Platinum Corporation
Beaufield Resources Inc.
Behre Dolbear & Company Ltd.
Bell Geospace
Benton Resources Corporation
Biodisk Corporation
Blackcomb Minerals Inc.
Blackstone Ventures Inc.
Blue Heron Solutions for Environmental Management Inc.
Blue Note Mining Inc.
Bluerock Resources Ltd.
Boart Longyear Canada
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
Borinfo Incorporated
Bradley Bros. Limited
Bralorne Gold Mines Ltd.
Brasil Pavilion (ADIMB)
Brazauro Resources Corporation
Brazilian Diamonds Limited
Brendan E. Cryan & Company, LLC
Brent Packaging & Logistics Ltd.
Brett Resources Inc.
British Geological Survey
C.J. Stafford & Associates
Cabo Drilling Corp.
Cadan Resources Corporation
Cadiscor Resources Inc.
Calibre Mining Corp.
Callinan Mines Limited
Cameco Corporation
Camoplast Track Machines
Canada - Nunavut Geoscience Office
Canada Lithium Corp.
Canada Zinc Metals Corp.
Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services for Export (CAMESE)
Canadian Air-Crane
Canadian Arrow Mines Ltd.
Canadian Gold Hunter Corp.
Canadian Helicopters Limited
Canadian Mine Security
Canadian Mining Journal
Canadian North Airlines
Canadian Orebodies Inc.
Canadian Royalties Inc.
Canadian Zinc Corporation
CanadianForex Limited
CanAlaska Uranium Ltd.
Candente Resource Corp.
Capital Gold Corporation
Capstone Mining Corp.
Caracle Creek International Consulting Inc.
Cardero Resource Corp.
Carlisle Goldfields Limited
Carpathian Gold Inc.
Cartier Resources inc.
Cascadia International Resources Inc.
Cash Minerals Ltd.
Cassidy Gold Corp.
Castillian Resources Corp.
Castle Gold Corp.
Castle Resources Inc.
CBR Gold Corp.
Celtic Minerals Ltd.
Central China Goldfields plc
Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI)
Century Systems Technologies Inc.
Chaarat Gold Holdings Ltd.
Chamber of Mines of the Philippines
Channel Resources Ltd.
Channel Systems Inc.
Chapleau Resources Ltd.
Chesapeake Gold Corp.
China Mining Association of Canada
CIM National Branch
Clarity Capital Corp.
Claude Resources Inc.
Clifton Star Resources Inc.
Cline Mining Corporation
Cluff Gold plc
CNSX Markets Inc.
Coal Association of Canada
Cogitore Resources Inc.
Colorado Goldfields Inc.
Colossus Minerals Inc.
Comaplex Minerals Corp.
Commander Resources Ltd.
Commerce Resources Corp.
Commercial Solutions Inc.
Condor Consulting, Inc.
Condor Resources Inc.
Consolidated Abaddon Resources Inc.
Consolidated Spire Ventures Ltd.
Consolidated Thompson
Constantine Metal Resources Ltd.
Continental Gold Ltd.
Continental Nickel Limited
Continental Precious Minerals Inc.
Copper Fox Metals Inc.
Copper Mesa Mining Corporation
Copper Mountain Mining Corporation
CorePro Drilling Inc.
Cornerstone Resources Inc.
Coyote Copper Inc.
Creighton Rock Drill Ltd.
Creston Moly Corp.
Crew Gold Corporation
Crone Geophysics & Exploration Ltd.
Crosshair Exploration & Mining Corp.
Crowflight Minerals Inc.
Crusader Holdings NL
Crystallex International Corporation
CSA Global Pty Ltd.
Cuervo Resources Inc.
Currie Rose Resources Inc.
Custom Helicopters Ltd.
Cypress Development Corp.
Datamine Canada
Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP
Deakin Equipment Limited
Delkor Inc.
Deloitte & Touche LLP
Detour Gold Corporation
DGI Geoscience Inc.
Dia Bras Exploration
Diamantina Christensen Trading Inc.
Diamond Exploration Inc.
Diamond Fields International Ltd.
Diamondex Resources Ltd.
Diamonds North Resources Ltd.
Dianor Resources Inc.
Digital Plus Group
Dimatec Inc.
Discovery Air
Discovery Drill Manufacturer (DDM) Ltd.
Discovery Group
Ditem Explorations Inc.
DMC Mining Services
Dolly Silver Corporation
Donner Metals Ltd.
DRA Americas Inc.
DST Consulting
Duluth Metals Limited
Dumont Nickel Inc.
Duralite Diamond Drills
Duran Ventures Inc.
Dynamic Aviation
Dynasty Gold Corp.
Dynasty Metals & Mining Inc.
Eagle Plains Resources Ltd.
Eaglecrest Explorations Ltd.
East Asia Minerals Corp.
Eastmain Resources Inc.
El Nino Ventures Inc.
Electra Gold Ltd.
ElectroMagnetic Imaging Technology Pty Ltd.
Elemental Controls
EMpulse Geophysics
EMS Chile S.A.
Encom Technology Pty. Ltd.
Energold Drilling Corp.
Entree Gold Inc.
Enviroscientists, Inc.
EON Geosciences Inc.
Equinox Minerals Limited
Equipement Jexplore Inc.
Erdene Resource Development Corp.
Ernst & Young LLP
eSolutionsGroup Limited
Esperanza Silver Corporation
Etruscan Resources Inc.
Eurasian Minerals Inc.
Eurocopter Canada Limited
Euromax Resources Limited
European Goldfields
European Nickel Plc
Everest Plastik Inc.
Everton Resources Inc.
Evolving Gold Corp.
Exeter Resource Corporation
Exmin Resources Inc.
Expedition Helicopters
Explor Resources Inc.
Exploration Link
Exploration Syndicate, Inc.
Explorator Resources Inc.
Far West Mining Ltd.
FARA Systems Canada Ltd.
Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP
Filter Innovations Inc.
Firefly Airborne Surveys
Firestone Ventures Inc.
First Nickel, Inc.
First Point Minerals Corp.
First Uranium Corporation
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Fladgate Exploration Consulting Corporation
Flexit AB
FNX Mining Company Inc.
Fordia Group
Foremost Industries LP
Formation Capital Corporation
Fortuna Silver Mines Inc.
Fortune Minerals Limited
Forum Uranium Corp.
Franconia Minerals Corporation
Freewest Resources Canada Inc.
French Trade Commission
Fronteer Development Group Inc.
Frontenac Ventures Corp.
Fugro Airborne Surveys Corp.
Full Metal Minerals Ltd.
Fundy Minerals Ltd.
G&T Metallurgical Services Ltd.
GAEA Technologies Ltd.
Galahad Metals Inc.
Gammon Gold Inc.
Garson Gold Corp.
Gateway Helicopters Ltd.
Gekko Systems Pty. Ltd.
GEM Systems Inc.
Gemcom Software International Inc.
Geodex Minerals Ltd.
Geoinformatics Exploration Inc.
Geologica Inc.
Geological Survey of Finland
Geological Survey of Namibia
Geological Survey of Norway
Geological Survey of Sweden
Geologix Explorations Inc.
GeoMinEx Consultants Inc.
GeoMole Pty Ltd.
Geonics Limited
Geophex Ltd.
Geophysik Int'l Geophysical Services GmbH
Géophysique GPR International Inc.
Georeference Online Ltd.
Geotech Ltd.
Géotic inc.
Geovic Mining Corp.
Geovista Ltd.
Glencar Mining plc
Global Uranium Corp.
GlobalStar Canada
GlobeStar Mining Corporation
Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.
GMSI Americas
Gold Canyon Resources Inc.
Gold Fields Exploration Inc.
Gold One International Limited
Gold Reserve Inc.
Gold Star Resources Corp.
Gold Summit Corporation
Goldak Airborne Surveys
Goldbrook Ventures Inc.
Golden Band Resources Inc.
Golden Dory Resources Limited
Golden Goliath Resources Ltd.
Golden Harp Resources Inc.
Golden Hope Mines Ltd.
Golden Predator Mines Inc.
Golden Rim Resources Ltd.
Golden Valley Mines Ltd.
Golder Associates Ltd.
Goldex Resources Corporation
Goldeye Explorations Limited
Gold-Ore Resources Ltd.
Goldcorp, Inc.
Goldsource Mines Inc.
Gossan Resources Limited
Government of Nunavut
Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP
GPX Airborne
Grandview Gold Inc.
Gravirazvedka JSC
Gravity West Mining Inc.
Great Quest Metals Ltd.
Greenland, Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum
Greenstone Economic Development Corporation
Grenville Minerals
Greystar Resources Ltd.
Grosso Group Management Ltd.
GroundTech Solutions
Gryphon Gold Corporation
Guardian Helicopters
Halltech Environmental
Halo Resources Ltd.
Hamilton Resource Group
Hana Mining Ltd.
Happy Creek Minerals Ltd.
Hard Creek Nickel Corporation
Hathor Exploration Limited
Hawthorne Gold Corp.
Hecla Mining Company
Helicopter Transport Services (Canada) Inc.
Helio Resource Corp.
Heron Resources Limited
HiFX Canada Ltd.
High Desert Gold Corporation, Inc.
Hillgrove Resources Limited
Homeland Energy Group Ltd.
Homeland Uranium Inc.
Horizon North Logistics Inc.
HTX Minerals Corp.
HudBay Minerals Inc.
Hudson Resources Inc.
Hughes Exploration Group
Hunter Dickinson Inc.
IAMGOLD Corporation
Iberian Minerals Corporation
Icefield Tools Corporation
IFG Corporation
IGC Resources Inc.
Impact Silver Corp.
Imperial Metals Corporation
Inca Pacific Resources Inc.
Independence Group NL
Independent Mining Consultants, Inc.
India, Ministry of Mines
Indian & Northern Affairs Canada
Indicator Minerals Inc.
Infinito Gold Ltd.
InfoMine Inc
Infosat Communications, Inc.
Ingetrol Ltda.
INMET Mining Corporation
Innov-X Systems, Inc.
Innu Development Limited Partnership
Inspiration Mining Corporation
Instrumentation GDD Inc.
Inter-Citic Minerals Inc.
International Barytex Resources Ltd.
International Directional Services
International Exploration Ltd.
International Groundradar Consultants Inc.
International KRL Resources Corp.
International Millennium Mining Corp.
International Nickel Ventures Corp.
International Northair Mines Ltd.
International PBX Ventures Ltd.
International Plasma Lab Ltd. (IPL)
International Royalty Corporation
International Samuel Exploration Corp.
International Wayside Gold Mines Ltd.
Intertek Mineral Services
Intierra Resource Intelligence
Intrepid Geophysics
Investec Bank (UK) Limited
Ireland, Department of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources
IRL Supplies
Ivanhoe Mines Ltd.
Ivanhoe Nickel & Platinum Ltd.
Ivernia Inc.
Jacques Whitford Ltd.
Jaguar Mining Inc.
Jiminex Inc.
Jinshan Gold Mines Inc.
JLT Northern Underwriting Services
J-Pacific Gold, Inc.
JRoe & Associates, Industrial Resources
Junex Inc.
JVX Ltd.
Kai Equipment Inc.
Kai Services Inc.
Kappes, Cassiday & Associates
Kermode Resources Ltd.
Kettle River Resources
Khan Resources Inc.
Kilo Goldmines Inc.
Kimber Resources Inc.
Kinbauri Gold Corp.
King's Bay Gold Corporation
Kingsgate Consolidated Limited
Kinross Gold Corporation
Kirkland Lake Gold Inc.
Kitikmeot Corporation
Klen International
Klondex Mines Ltd.
Knight Resources Ltd.
Kodiak Exploration Limited
Korea Resources Corporation
Kroum VS Instruments Limited
La Mancha Resources Inc.
Labrador Iron Mines Limited
Labtium Oy
Lakelse Air Ltd.
Lamontagne Geophysics Ltd.
Lappland Goldminers AB
Largo Resources Ltd.
Latin American Minerals Inc.
Laurentian Goldfields Ltd. www.laurentiangoldfields
Leapfrog Software
Les Pétroles Therrien Division Aviation inc.
Liberty International Mineral Corp.
LiDAR Services International
Linear Gold Corp.
Luiri Gold Limited
Lumina Copper Corp.
Macarthur Minerals Limited
MacDonald Mines Exploration Ltd.
MacGregor's Custom Fabrication
Macleod Dixon LLP
Magellan Minerals Ltd.
Magma Metals Limited
Major Drilling Group International Inc.
Mala Geoscience USA, Inc.
Mala Noche Resources Corp.
Malaga Inc.
Manex Resource Group Inc.
Manicouagan Minerals Inc.
Manitoba Science, Technology, Energy and Mines
Mansfield Minerals Inc.
Manson Creek Resources Ltd.
Mantis Mineral Corp
Marathon PGM Corporation
Marifil Mines Ltd.
Matamec Explorations Inc.
Matrix Helicopter Solutions Inc.
Maudore Minerals Ltd.
Mawson West Ltd.
MAX Resource Corp.
Maxwell Geoservices (Canada) Inc.
MBMI Resources Inc.
McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd.
MDH Engineered Solutions Corp.
Mediterranean Resources Ltd.
Mega Uranium Ltd.
Mengold Resources Inc.
Merrex Gold Inc.
Messina Minerals Inc.
MetalCORP Limited
Metallic Ventures Gold Inc.
Metallum Resources Inc.
Metallum Resources plc
Metals Creek Resources
Metals Economics Group
Met-Chem Canada Inc.
Mexican Silver Mines Ltd.
Mexivada Mining Corp.
Mi Swaco
Micon International Limited
Micromine Ltd.
Midland Exploration Inc.
Midlands Minerals Corporation
Midway Gold Corporation
Miller Thomson LLP
Millrock Resources Inc.
Minco Gold Corporation
Mincom Canada, Inc.
Mindoro Resources Ltd.
Mine Africa
Mine Site Technologies (Canada) Inc.
Minefinders Corporation Ltd.
Minera Andes Incorporation
Mineral Deposits Limited
Mineral Resources and Petroleum Authority of Mongolia
Mineral Services Canada Inc.
Mines Management, Inc.
Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR)
Mining Journal
Mining Record, The
Ministry of Economic Development, New Zealand Government
Mintec, Inc.
Mira Geoscience Ltd.
Miranda Gold Corp.
Mirasol Resources Ltd.
Module Resources Incorporated
Moly Mines Limited
Morocco Mineral Industry Federation
Motapa Diamonds Inc.
Moydow Mines International Inc.
MPH Consulting Limited
MPX Geophysics Ltd.
MTI-Mining Technology Investments Co. LTD
Mukuba Resources Limited
Multi-Power Products Ltd.
Mundoro Mining Inc.
Municipality of Red Lake
Murgor Resources Inc.
Murphy Geological Services
Mustang Minerals Corp.
National Compressed Air
Natural History Museum
Nautilus Minerals Inc.
Nayarit Gold Inc.
Nelander Marketing
Neptune Minerals
Network Innovations Inc.
Nevada Copper Corp.
Nevada Sunrise Gold Corp.
Nevoro Inc.
Nevsun Resources Ltd.
New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources
New Brunswick Prospectors and Developers Association
New Dawn Mining Corp.
New Gold Inc.
New Guinea Gold Corporation
New Millennium Capital Corp.
New Shoshoni Ventures Ltd.
Newbaska Gold & Copper Mines Ltd.
Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Natural Resources
Newmont Mining Corporation
New-Sense Geophysics Ltd.
NICHROMET Extraction Inc.
NioGold Mining Corp.
Nolinor Aviation
NomadIQ Shelter Solutions Inc.
Norex Drilling Limited
Normabec Mining Resources Limited
Norsemont Mining Inc.
North American Gem Inc.
North American Minerals Group Inc.
North American Palladium Ltd.
North American Tungsten Corporation
North Arrow Minerals Inc.
North Atlantic Resources Ltd.
North Star Air Ltd.
NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines
Northern Air Support Ltd.
Northern College/Haileybury School of Mines
Northern Freegold Resources Ltd.
Northern Gold Mining Inc.
Northern Ireland Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETINI)
Northern Shield Resources Inc.
Northern Star Mining Corporation
Northern Superior Resources Inc.
Northern Tiger Resources Inc.
Northgate Minerals Corporation
Northland Resources Inc.
Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources
NovaGold Resources Inc.
Novatem Inc.
Nuinsco Resources Limited
Nuna Logistics Limited
NunaMinerals A/S
Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated
NYSE - Alternext
Ogilvy Renault LLP
Olivut Resources Ltd.
Olympus Pacific Minerals Inc.
Ontario Ministry of Northern Development & Mines
Orex Minerals Inc.
Orezone Resources Inc.
Orihuela Abogados Attorneys at Law
Orko Silver Corp.
Oro Gold Resources Limited
Oromin Explorations Ltd.
Orsu Metals Corporation
Osisko Exploration Ltd.
Outland Camps
Outotec (Canada) Ltd.
Overburden Drilling Management Limited
Pacific Bay Minerals Ltd.
Pacific Geomatics Ltd.
Pacific North West Capital Corp.
Pacific Rim Mining Corp.
Pajari Instruments Ltd.
Palatine Geological Ltd.
Pan Australian Resources Limited
Papua New Guinea Chamber of Mines and Petroleum
Paragon Minerals Corporation
Parts HeadQuarters Inc.
PC Gold Inc.
Peat Resources Limited
Pebble Creek Mining Ltd.
Pediment Exploration Ltd.
Pelangio Mines Inc.
Pele Mountain Resources Inc.
Peninsula Minerals Limited
Peregrine Diamonds Ltd.
Peru: Mining Country and much more
Petaquilla Minerals Ltd.
Petro Value Products Canada Inc.
Petros Eikon Inc.
Phoenix Geophysics Ltd.
Phosrock Minerals
Pincock, Allen & Holt
Pitchstone Exploration Ltd.
Piteau Associates Engineering Ltd.
Pitney Bowes Business Insight
Platina Resources Limited
Plato Gold Corp.
Playfair Mining Ltd.
PMI Gold Corporation
Polar Star Mining Corporation
Portal Resources Ltd.
PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
Primary Resources Limited
Prime Meridian Resources Corp.
Pro Minerals Inc.
Probe Mines Limited
Proudfoot Consulting
Puma Exploration
Pure Nickel Inc.
Purepoint Uranium Group Inc.
Quadra Mining Ltd.
Quantec Geoscience Ltd.
Quaterra Resources Inc.
Québec, Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune
Queenston Mining Inc.
Quest Uranium Corporation
R.T. Boyd Limited
Radiation Solutions Inc.
Radisson Mining Resources Inc.
Radius Gold Inc.
Rainy River Resources Ltd.
Rambler Metals and Mining
Randgold Resources Ltd.
Randsburg International Gold Corp.
Ranger Survey Systems Canada Inc.
Rare Element Resources Ltd.
RCM Modular Inc.
RDH Mining Equipment
Red Dragon Resources Corp.
Red Metal Resources Ltd.
Redcorp Ventures Ltd.
Redhawk Resources, Inc.
Redstar Gold Corp.
REFLEX Instrument North America Ltd.
REI Drilling Inc.
Renforth Resources Inc.
Rescan Environmental Services Ltd.
Ressources Appalaches, Inc.
Reunion Gold Corporation
Revett Minerals Inc.
RGGS Land & Minerals, Ltd., L.P.
Richmont Mines Inc.
Richview Resources Inc.
Rimfire Minerals Corporation
Rio Cristal Zinc Corporation
Rio Tinto
RJK Explorations Ltd.
RMS Instruments
Robertson Geologging Inc. (USA)
ROCA Mines Inc.
Rochester Resources Ltd.
Rockport Mining Corp.
Rodman & Renshaw LLC
Rome Resources Ltd.
Romios Gold Resources Inc.
Romquest Technologies Inc.
Royal Mont Business & Legal Consulting
Royal Nickel Corporation
Royal Roads Corp.
RPC (Research and Productivity Council)
RPT Uranium Corp.
Rubicon Minerals Corporation
Rupert Resources Ltd.
Rusoro Mining Ltd.
Sabina Silver Corporation
Sacre-Coeur Minerals Ltd.
Sage Gold Inc.
Salazar Resources Inc.
San Anton Resource Corporation
San Gold Corporation
Sander Geophysics
Sandvik Mining and Construction
Santoy Resources Ltd.
Sanu Resources Ltd.
Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy & Resources
Schlumberger Water Services
Schramm Rotadrills
Scorpio Mining Corporation
Scott Hogg & Associates Ltd.
Scott Wilson Roscoe Postle Associates Inc.
Seafield Resources Ltd.
Searchgold Resources Inc.
SEI Industries Ltd.
selFrag AG
Selwyn Resources Ltd.
Semafo Inc.
Sepro Systems
Seprotech Systems Inc.
Serengeti Resources Inc.
SGS Minerals Services
Shamika Resources Inc.
Shane Resources Ltd.
Shear Minerals Ltd.
Shore Gold Inc.
SIDEX societe en commandite
Sierra Geothermal Power Corp.
Sierra Minerals Inc.
Silver Eagle Mines Inc.
Silver Spruce Resources Inc.
Silver Wheaton Corp.
SilverCrest Mines Inc.
Silvermex Resources Ltd.
Silvore Fox Minerals Corp.
Simberi Mining Corporation
Sinchao Metals Corp.
Singapore Airlines Ltd.
Sirios Resources Inc.
Sirius Wilderness Medicine Inc.
Skye Resources Inc.
Skygold Ventures Ltd.
Skyharbour Resources Ltd.
Slam Exploration Ltd.
Snowfield Development Corp.
Society of Economic Geologists
Soho Resources Corp.
Solex Resources Corp.
Solitario Exploration & Royalty Corp.
Solmax International Inc.
Solomon Gold plc
Source Exploration Corp.
South Africa Department of Minerals & Energy
South American Silver Corp.
Southeast Asia Mining Corp.
Southern Hemisphere Mining Ltd.
Southern Mapping Company
Southern Uranium Ltd.
SouthGobi Energy Resources Ltd.
Sparton Resources Inc.
Spectral International Inc.
Spider Resources Inc.
Sprott Resource Corp.
SRK Consulting (Canada) Inc.
Staccato Gold Resources Ltd. (CS)
Starfield Resources Inc.
Stikine Gold Corporation
Stingray Copper Inc.
Stornoway Diamond Corporation
Strait Gold Corporation
StrataGold Corporation
Strateco Resources Inc.
Strategic Resources Inc.
Strathmore Minerals Corp.
Strike Minerals Inc.
Stina Resources Ltd.
Strongbow Exploration Inc.
Stroud Resources Ltd.
Sulliden Exploration Inc.
Sultan Minerals Inc.
Sunpack Agro-Plastics Canada Ltd.
Sunridge Gold Corp.
Swick Mining Services
Takara Resources Inc.
Talmora Diamond Inc.
Tamerlane Ventures Inc.
Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corp.
Taranis Resources Inc.
Target Exploration & Mining Corp.
Tarsis Capital Corp.
Tau Capital Corp.
Technologies Earth Metrix Inc.
Teck Resources Limited
Temex Resources Corp.
TEREX - Canada
Terra Ventures
Terraplus Inc.
Terrapoint Canada Inc.
Terraquest Ltd., Airborne Geophysics
The Claim Group Inc.
The Mining Association of Canada
The Northern Miner
The Russian Stone
Thelon Ventures Ltd.
Thermo Scientific Niton Analyzers
Thundermin Resources Inc.
Timmins Economic Development Corporation
Timmins Gold Corp.
Tiomin Resources Inc.
Tirex Resources Ltd.
Titan Uranium Incorporated
Titanium Corporation Inc.
Toro Energy Limited
Toromont Cat Power Systems
Toronto Stock Exchange & TSX Venture Exchange
Torys LLP
Tournigan Energy Ltd.
Trade Commission of Chile
Trade Winds Ventures Inc.
Treasury Metals Inc.
Trelawney Resources Inc.
Tres-Or Resources Ltd.
Tri Origin Exploration Ltd.
Tribute Minerals Inc.
Tripple Uranium Resources Inc.
True North Gems Inc.
TSL Laboratories Inc.
Tumi Resources Limited
Tundra Airborne Surveys Ltd.
TVI Pacific Inc.
Tyhee Development Corp.
U308 Corp.
Ucore Uranium Inc.
Ultra Uranium Corp.
Underworld Resources Inc.
Unigold Inc.
Universal Uranium Ltd.
Universal Wing Geophysics Corp.
Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Uracan Resources Ltd.
Uramet Minerals Ltd.
Urania Ltd.
Uranium North Resources Corp.
Uranium Star Corp.
Ur-Energy Inc.
Ursa Major Minerals Incorporated
Uruguay Mineral Exploration Inc.
US Geological Survey
US Gold Corporation
Vale Inco
Valencia Ventures Inc.
Vangold Resources Ltd.
Vault Minerals Inc.
Vena Resources Inc.
Verena Minerals Corporation
VersaDrill Canada
VG Gold Corp.
Victory Nickel Inc.
Virgin Metals Inc.
Virginia Mines Inc.
Vismand Exploration Inc.
Vista Gold Corp.
Volta Resources Inc.
W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
Wallbridge Mining Company Limited
Waratah Coal Inc.
Wardell Armstrong International Ltd.
Wardrop Engineering Inc.
Watts, Griffis and McOuat Limited
Wealth Minerals Ltd.
Wemindji Exploration Inc.
Wescan Goldfields Inc.
West Coast Fishing Club
Westcoast Drilling Supplies
West-Core Drilling, LLC
Western Areas NL
Western Copper Corporation
Western Potash Corp.
Western Prospector Group Ltd.
Western Troy Capital Resources Inc.
Western Uranium Corporation
Westminster Resources Inc.
Wildcat Exploration Ltd.
Wolf Minerals Limited
Wolverton Capital Markets
World Mines Ministries Forum
WorleyParsons, Minerals & Metals
XDM Resources Inc.
Xstrata Nickel
Xtierra Resources Inc.
Yellowhead Mining Inc.
Yorbeau Resources Inc.
Yukon Chamber of Mines
Yukon Gold Corporation Inc.
Yukon-Nevada Gold Corp.
Zaruma Resources Inc.
Zhung Chuan Int'l Mining Holding Co. Ltd.
Zimtu Capital Corp.
Zincore Metals Inc.
Zoloto Resources Ltd.
Zonge Engineering & Research Organization, Inc.


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