Friday, August 14, 2009


A spectacular example, made by Cartier in 1922. Weight 5.55 carats.

In the history of diamonds and diamond cutting the Asscher cut diamond is one of the greatest cuts of diamonds ever conceived. Invented in the early 20th century by the Asscher Brothers of Holland, an Asscher cut is a modification on the most popular cut of previous century...the cushion cut. The Asscher Brothers, celebrities in their own right (they cut many of the "named" diamonds for royalty), invented a cut which was square to rectangular with a flat table (top surface), many small step cuts along the top area and larger longer facets underneath the diamond. Like the cushion cut, the Asscher cut has an open culet (the bottom of a diamond) and a facet plan to draw the eye into the diamond and give the diamond depth. In fact the beauty of an Asscher cut is how the eye "dives into the center of the diamond"...the eye relishes the "pool" of the diamond. In fact water and diamonds went hand in hand. Until recently diamonds were "graded" in terms of water..."river white" being the "D Flawless" of its time. The beauty of an Asscher cut runs counter to todays modern diamonds in which the facets and cut of a modern diamond repel the eye (in the name of "brilliance"). The myriad of facets in todays diamonds deprive the diamond of its true depth. Original Asscher cut diamonds are quite rare and are found mostly on the estate market.

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