Friday, August 14, 2009

.Johnnie…Nee…John Walker Is The Most Expensive Spirit By Diageo

No, John Walker is not a poor cousin of Johnnie Walker. In fact, it is the richer and more exclusive relation of the well-known liquor brand. The first bottle of the new whiskey blend The John Walker from the spirited company was unveiled recently. The very expensive whisky will apparently be sold for $3,000 duty free, which makes it the highest price line in Diageo’s huge and impressive drinks portfolio.
The makers reveal that the new blend has created from a small number of extremely rare and exotic whiskies taken from distilleries of the 1800s. Yes, only nine lucky distilleries, of which six are malt and three grain whiskies, made it into the much-reverred The John Walker, some of which come from the remaining casks at distilleries that have already closed like Glen Albyn and Cambus. As part of a the special launch, five bottles of The John Walker have been sent to Singapore ahead of the official market entry in September 2009.
And the first bottle has been made even more special with a signature by Master Blender Jim Beveridge. This one will go on style at an auction organised by travel retailer DFS at Changi Airport. The proceeds will for to the non-profit chairty run by DFS called The Smile Train

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