Friday, August 14, 2009

.Famous Rolls-Royce Vintage Cars From India On Sale

Hans-Günther Zach is not a new name for Rolls-Royce loyalists. Well, for those of you who aren’t let us tell you that this man is famous for his own museum that is dedicated to the well-known marque in Main, Germany. And now he is planning to sell off his entire collection including the very famous Star of India. This is a one of its kind vintage 1934 Phanton II 40/50 HP Continental ‘All-Weather Convertible’ that was custom made for the Maharaja of Rajkot.

The car is tOuted as the most expensive in the world as it would fetch nothing less than €10 million. Zach is accpeting bids all through September for his other cars too that include 24 Rolls-Royces, 3 Bentleys and a 1926 Rolls-Royce 40/50 HP I Open Tourer that was put togethe for the Maharaja of Nanpara; this one is better known as the Aluminum Sculpture wing to his highly polished aluminum body and chassis.

You would say that Zach was truly taken over by the Indian fetish for Rolls-Royce. Well, you won’t be wrong for there is a third car too that belonged to the Maharajah of Rewa. Called the Hunting Car, it is a Phantom II Cabriolet. Again, Zach is also selling a 1920 40/50 Silver Ghost Coupé de Ville made for Jean Hennessy.

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