Friday, August 14, 2009

Diamond Edition Golf Ball Costs £18,000

When Bernard Maquin designed elite diamond soccer ball, folks at Goldstriker could feel a bit of unrest. And why not as Goldstriker is known to rule the minds of filthy rich with its creations bathed in diamond, gold, crystals, Swarovski and other precious stones and no one dare challenge it. Latest creating making up to headlines is “The Diamond Golf Ball,” which is a rare valuable master work of fine art jewelry.
This absolutely handmade creation depicts the detailed craftsmanship invested over it. It is a clear reflection of harmonic fusion of aesthetics and functionalism, splendor and serviceability. Designed using 70 grams of 18K white gold set with 11 carats of natural white and natural color superior black diamonds, the ball would surely make players quit their profession and embrace this as their passion.
Those who adore diamonds but doesn’t want to be on field and want to enjoy the blingy flavor while sitting at home can target diamond edition backgammon (£500,000) or diamond edition chess ($100,000)

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