Friday, August 14, 2009

The Diamond covered skull by Damien Hirst

The Diamond covered skull by Damien Hirst is a continuation of the artist's exploration of death and the way we react to it."For the Love of God" is covered with 8,601 real diamonds and has been valued as the most expensive contemporary work of art. Hirst spent about $20 million USD to create the diamond covered work and put a price tag of $100 million USD on it.Damien Hirst was quoted as saying "It works much better than I imagined. I was slightly worried that we'd end up with an Ali G ring." He also said "I wouldn't mind if it happened to my skull after my death".Update: In August 2007, it was widely reported that Damien Hirst sold "For the Love of God" to an investment group for $100 million USD or about 50 million pounds. Hirst is said to own a percentage of the diamond skull, but it was not reported how much he still owns. The buyers will be expected to exhibit the work for the next two to three years at museums around the world. The BBC reported that the investors planned to resell the work at a later date.This would make "For the Love of God" the most expensive work of art ever to sell by a living artist.

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