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Ellicott Dredges, LLC

Ellicott has designed and manufactured over 1500 dredges, more than any other manufacturer, and has served customers in over 80 countries. We market our products through two divisions.

The Ellicott Division sells pre-engineered standard dredges primarily to the marine contracting and sand and gravel markets. The Mud Cat Division sells auger dredges and small cutterhead and bucketwheel dredges primarily for industrial wastes, hazardous wastes, pond and lake reclamation, and marinas.
Ellicott's History of Excellence
Over a Century of Innovative Design
and Worldwide Service

1885 Designed and manufactured power transmission components and dredge machinery.
1907 Built all of the cutter dredges used in construction of the Panama Canal. First machine delivered was a steam-driven, 900 HP, 20-inch dredge.
1931 Delivered the 20-inch cutter dredge ORION still in operation at the Charleston Navy Yard.
1938 Designed and manufactured all of the dredging equipment aboard the 5,000 cubic yard hopper dredge GOETHALS for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Ellicott has supplied dredge components for over 20 Corps hopper dredges.
1941 Built the dredge MINDI, a 10,000 HP, 28-inch cutter suction dredge still operating in the Panama Canal.
1952 Delivered a 12,250 HP, 36-inch cutter suction dredge for the St. Lawrence Seaway. Most powerful dredge in the world when built for the St. Lawrence Seaway.
1954 Developed portable swinging ladder Canal Dragon dredges with design features that guaranteed maximum maneuverability in narrow waterways.
1955 Designed and constructed two 36-inch, 10,000 HP dredges, each with two 10,000 HP booster pumps (60,000 total pumping HP) for the Steep Rock Iron Ore Mine in Canada. These dredges, still in operation today, mined 160 million cubic yards of material in five years. One dredge, the FLORIDA, now owned by Great Lakes, has since dredged the fill for Honolulu airport and the world's largest manmade pier in Long Beach, California (14 million cubic yards in 1990.)
1968 Delivered two 27-inch Series 5000 SUPER-DRAGONS™ to a large U.S. contractor which, after 20 years of operation, still considers them its most effective units.
1969 Became the first company to lease 400, 600, and 800 HP dredges for short term usage.
1970 Designed first 33-inch Series 10000 SUPER-DRAGON™, JEAN RIGAL, with a ladder pump. The 10,500 HP dredge overcame barometric limitations associated with deep digging to 100 feet.
1971 Constructed Series 7000 SUPER-DRAGON™ with 900 HP submerged ladder pump and 3,600 HP hull pump for Venezuela.
1971 Mud Cat first designed and patented the Auger dredge concept.
1975 Introduced one-time transportable, integral hull dredges: Series 4500 and Series 6000 dredges for Indonesia.
1976 Introduced and patented underwater Bucket Wheel Excavator for Australian and Florida mining projects.
1977 Built first standard WHEEL-DRAGON™ dredge (B890) complete with spud carriage system.
1977 Delivered a fleet of 16 Series 700 DRAGONS™ for Indonesia. World record for the largest quantity of dredges in one order.
1978 Delivered 24 inch, 4000 HP WHEEL-DRAGON™ with 500 HP Bucket Wheel Excavator.
1980 Delivered two custom-designed electric mining dredges, 6,800 total HP, for the phosphate industry. Field assembly was required in remote Florida location. Start-up just nine and twelve months, respectively, from contract signing.
1982 Designed and delivered Series 370 (10") DRAGON™ dredge, transported completely assembled on a single flatbed trailer. Over 50 Series 370 DRAGON™ dredges have been sold.
1983 Designed and delivered to South Korea a Series 17000, 30-inch SUPER-DRAGON™ with 1,000 HP ladder pump, twin hull pumps each rated at 6,000 HP, and 1,500 HP cutter. One of 3 largest non-self-propelled dredges in world today.
1984 Designed and delivered 24-inch 5,000 HP contractor's dredge with spud carriage, suitable for either standard cutter or bucketwheel.
1984 Designed and delivered special Barge Unloader to Maryland Port Authority for transferring dredge material from barges to a contained disposal area.
1985 Designed and delivered 500 HP Bucket Wheel Excavator to a heavy minerals mine for use in cemented hardpan material.
1985 Made first air freight delivery of an 18-inch, 1,410 HP dredge to Colombia. Largest air shipment ever from Miami airport.
1985 Delivered world's first Dual Wheel Excavator (Bucketwheel) for alluvial mining. This patented excavator is now the standard for mining and is offered in sizes ranging from 40 HP to 1,500 HP.
1986 Received 51st dredge patent; this one was for a bucketwheel improvement.
1987 Won President Ronald Reagan's "E" Award for Excellence in Exports.
1987 Purchased Mud Cat, the original worldwide designer and builder of auger dredges and formed the Mud Cat™ Division, incorporating auger products with the Ellicott designed 270/370 Cutterhead and B490 Bucketwheel dredges.
1987 Sold 500th Mud Cat™ Auger Dredge.
1987 Delivered two remote controlled Mud Cat™ dredges for hazardous and explosive materials, one auger and one cutterhead.
1988 Sold 50th Bucketwheel Excavator, a 250 HP dual wheel for tin mining in Brazil. Ellicott has sold more Bucketwheels than all other builders combined - over 60.
1988 Designed and delivered world's first Hoe Mounted Dredging Excavator. A Bucketwheel excavator with a pump module, the patented "Hoe Dragon", is installed on a backhoe for flexible mining applications.
1989 Delivered in just 11 months a 4,400 HP electric deep digging (25 meter) 24 inch dredge with spud carriage and 160-inch diameter, 900 HP Dual Wheel Excavator. Largest mineral sands dredge in the world.
1990 Sold 3 bucketwheel dredges for salt mining (2 in Middle East and 1 in China) showing continued leadership in this market, the hardest material dredged.
1992 Delivered in just 13 months a 16,000 HP 36" diesel electric SUPER-DRAGON™ to South Korea. 2,500 HP on ladder pump, twin hull pumps each rated at 5,000 HP and 1,500 HP cutter. World's most modern large cutter dredge.
1992 Delivered 5 dredges from stock for emergency Mt. Pinatubo volcanic ash clean up.
1992 Designed and built patented environmental dredge, Series 370 PDP, with special vibrating auger for thixotropic sludge and innovative use of positive displacement pump. Design endorsed by Canadian Government's Environmental Agency for turbidity control.
1993 Built North America's largest and most modern mining dredge, a 4,600 HP 24 electric powered unit for mineral sands. Turnkey contract.
1993 Awarded contract for new design 20-dredge for HIDROVIA project in South America.
1993 Awarded contract for sludge processing and composting equipment by leading international environmental company.
1993 Supplied three sets of dredges and booster pumps for uranium tailings clean-up in Canada.
1993 In a report on dredge selection criteria, Environment Canada gives Mud Cat™ the highest rating of any type of dredge in all categories of environmental performance.
1994 Dredges delivered to over 10 countries in one year.
1994 Mud Cat™ auger dredge successfully used in Russian refinery oil clean-up.
1994 U.S. President Clinton honors Ellicott at White House for company's growth.
1995 Received $20+MM order from Government of Indonesia confirming Ellicott's role as principal supplier of dredges to this port-dependent territory.
1995 First sales of new WeedCat™ and TrashCat™ product line of water management boats.
1995 Developed and delivered first "Aqua-Combo" water management boat for shoreline and beach maintenance at Rochester, Lake Ontario.
1996 Delivered two Series 4170 SUPER-DRAGON™ Dredges to Vietnam in a precedent setting export.
1998 Sold six Series 370HP Mud Cat™ dredges for coal tailings cleanup in USA.
1999 Developed state-of-the-art new high performance Mud Cat™ dredge, the MC-2000.
1999 Delivered an MC-2000 Mud Cat™ dredge specially outfitted for an environmental project in Sweden
1999 Signed a license agreement with Arab Contractors in Egypt to build two Series 1170 dredges and one Series 1870 dredge
2000 Delivered two swinging ladder 12" automated dredges for reprocessing coal fines utilizing Ellicott's newly developed slurry density optimization system
2000 Delivered two Series 670 DRAGON model dredges for canal maintenance in Nigeria
2000 Delivered a Mud Cat™ SP-810 auger dredge for a member of the Royal Family in Abu Dhabi for building an artificial island in the Arabian Gulf
2000 MC-2000 auger dredge completes the most successful PCB sediment removal project ever, Fox River, Wisconsin
2000 Signed contract in Vietnam during President Clinton's historic visit, for two dredges to rebuild irrigation networks destroyed by flooding.
2001 Delivered MC-2000 with new excavator design for use in contaminated sediment cleanup projects.
2001 Developed new dredging technology for environmental sediment removal - the most maneuverable dredge ever built - 8" swinging ladder dredge for tailings reclamation and pond maintenance - using no cables.
2001 Designed the innovative SANDMINER™ aggregate production dredge, a new concept in improving the productivity of sand and gravel producers, utilizing a tri-tubular truss ladder concept.
2002 Baltimore Dredges, LLC acquires Ellicott assets.
2002 Designed and delivered new 10" aggregates dredge to site development company in Delaware
2002 Received patent for MC-2000 low turbidity pumping system
2003 Baltimore Dredges, LLC (Ellicott) and Liquid Waste Technology acquired by Baltimore Dredge Enterprises, LLC
2003 Mud Cat™ MC-2000 auger dredge named new standard in the industry for environmental dredges
2003 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers finds the Mud Cat™ Dredge 95% to 99% efficient!
2005 Delivered Swinging Ladder Dredge to the State of Ohio with electronic proportional control and display, and split control console for added visibility
2005 Delivered a 16" Series 1170 "DRAGON" dredge to a new customer in the United Arab Emirates
2005 Delivered the final dredge in a precedent-setting 4 dredge order from the State of Delaware
2005 Delivered two state-of-the-art MC-2000's used as the primary tool for US EPA-sponsored cleanup of PCBs at Superfund project in New Bedford, MA
2005 Delivered 50 dredges for various projects worldwide
2005 Served over 200 customers in 25 countries
2006 The Port of Baltimore salutes Ellicott as the exporter of "Dependable Dredging Equipment"
2006 U.S. Commerce Department Awards Ellicott its "Export Achievement Award"

Ellicott Dredges, LLC
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Email: Sales Department
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