Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Exotic Canadian Export Fur

A small piece of baby harp seal fur in mint condition is worth as much as $7000 USD, so it's no wonder the trafficking of these animal is so profitable and that every means necessary is used not to damage their skin, even if it means using excruciatingly cruel ways of killing the animals. One way of putting down the baby seal is by shooting it, it's quick and painless, but the skin is damaged. Another method, much more brutal, is to beat the animal to death with a hakapik (a wooden bat), which leaves the fur intact. Important detail: over 90% of slaughtered seals through the latter process are only a few weeks or even days old.

Paradoxically, this type of hunting, just as cruel as, or even more cruel than whaling is still allowed in some countries. One of them is the civilized Canada, the subject of huge international pressure, that argues, as a defense, that the canadian government only grants permits to private businesses. However, they set an anual quota of a quarter of a million baby harp seals killed... Another country that still allows the slaughter of these animals is Russia, in which there is actually intensive breeding of harp seals in captivity.


  1. One reason why nobody should feel bad if humans go extinct...total disrespect of life and nature.

  2. WTF.
    This is DISGUSTING.
    This makes me wanna go kill all the bastards that do this. Its murder.
    Did you notice how that guy is grinning at the camra?

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  4. holy shit these guys should really eff off they cant just kill the poor things!and if you saw the second pic of that really cute one they are probably killing that poor creation of God rite now. but my point is what do we do about it? if anyone has ideas no matter what it is i just want to let you no... i am in