Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rio Tinto Diamonds N.V
Rio Tinto is a world leader in finding, mining and processing the earth`s mineral resources. The Group`s worldwide operations supply essential minerals and metals that help to meet global needs and contribute to improvements in living standards
Gem diamonds share the podium with gold as a luxury commodity, principally in diamond rings to mark engagements and the special anniversaries of life, and in jewellery. Industrial diamonds have an important role as abrasives in sanding discs, circular saws and other machining processes.
Rio Tinto has established a firm base for growth in the world diamond industry by creating a market niche for smaller gems. This is an example of how customer focus has added value through the company working with buyers to give buyers the products they want.
Argyle, Australia
Diavik, North America
Murowa, Africa
Our diamond sales offices are located in Antwerp, Belgium and Mumbai, India
Rio Tinto Diamonds N.V.Diamond Exchange BuildingHoveniersstraat 53AntwerpBelgium, 2018
Telephone: +32 3 303 6800 +32 3 303 6800Fax: +32 3 303 6900Email:

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