Friday, August 14, 2009

Diamond Studded Gold Bra

This affordable bra is meant for filthy rich clan whose luxurious desires don’t end at a single albeit unique gold and diamond studded two piece set. Chinese long-hunt for luxurious bra came to an end with this elite bra made of 7.5 karats of South African diamonds and 630 grams of pure gold. This bejeweled bra can be an ultimate tool for the men to bestow their beloved with something even they will relish.
Let me take the honor to disclose its price to the interested ones. This luxurious bra demands $13,600 for the embedded gold, $45,000 for layered diamonds and $50,000 for the labor who spent 2,000 long hours at a stretch to deliver this luring lingerie.
With a total around $108,600, the bikini cannot beat the charm of the world’s overpriced bikini retailed at $30mn.Professional felons can try their hand on something different now. What Say? Presently, this peerless bra is exhibited in Beijing

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