Friday, August 14, 2009

.$1,355,000 Diamond Bra

The ongoing list of diamond and gold studded bra has got another worthy entrant. After disclosing the pricey undergarments viz. 950 grams gold underwear, diamond-gold studded bra, overpriced bikini, Victoria’s 2007 fantasy bra, $1.3 mn diamond Bra; the one featured above is all set to dominate the same the same audience. The very look at the bra makes one go crazy not because of its exotic form but due to the burning price tag.
The bra can be yours if you have a heart to shell out 10 million Yuan ($1,355,000). It is packed with 2,500 diamonds that weighs more than 100 carats. The bra is being displayed at a departmental store in Suzhou, East China’s Jiangsu Province. If this bra has managed to win your heart and you dare to roll out this million dollar investment on to your bedroom, then hurry now!
With the over-populating lavish news in the lingerie industry, I am wondering that opening a lingerie shop won’ be a bad deal. Whilst earlier, we have told you about Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra ($45mn), diamond-studded gold bra, 950 grams gold underwear and also most overpriced bikini touted for $30mn, today the industry is blessed with another entrant. Featured above is model flaunting a bra packed with around 2,500 diamonds along with a 5.4-carat sapphire centerpiece at a shopping mall in Jinhua City of Zhejiang Province, China. Well, the bra demands $1.3 million. I am sure its cost and look would have said anything making me stay tight-lipped.

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