Friday, August 14, 2009

.Victoria’s Secret 2007 Fantasy Bra for $4.5 mn

Earlier we have introduced Diamond Studded Gold Bra worth $108,600 that was sparkling, enticing and elite. But it couldn’t complete the design standard carved by Fantasy Bra. Following the custom of topping the charts in terms of its design, Victoria’s Secret has assured its permanent place on the pedestal by unveiling the entire lingerie set.
Beating the exotic fantasy bra for 2005 and 2006, this ultra-exotic set comprises of a thong, garter, cuff armlet and toning barrette with a sacred theme. Designed and produced by jeweler Mouawad and model by Selita Ebanks, this unbeatable push-up bra collection is packed with countless diamonds, precious stone, gems, emerald and yellow sapphires worth $4.5 million. But with no doubts, it cannot beat the world’s overprice bikini.

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